Baretta Cougar 40 S&W Large Weapon Keltec 32 Cal Small Weapon Keltec 32 Cal Small Weaopon

Baretta Cougar 40 S&W Full Size WeaponQuality jersey material, double sewn where it counts... the Greg Kramer under shirt holster is the perfect deep concealment system, developed for carrying a concealed weapon under difficult circumstances. The need for a serious deep concealment holster for special ops teams working in extreme conditions, VIP protection details wearing a suit and tie, not to mention the average citizen wearing casual attire, wanting an undetectable solution.

Designed with input from some of the worlds elite covert special ops teams as well as undercover police and detectives. This under shirt holster system is not meant for fast acquisition, instead it is for the deepest of concealment where hiding the weapon is of up most importance. When you really need it, tearing away a few buttons is worth it!

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